Sunday, January 20, 2013

Architecture Of Power


My name is Arlind Palluqi and I am a forth-year student in Urban Development.

This is my blog for VAH 3388G Histories of Architecture and Urbanism
The topic of this blog: The Architecture Of Power
Architecture reveals not only the aesthetic and formal preferences of an architect/client, but also the  aspirations, power struggles and  material culture of a society. The built environment becomes a text whose every word reveals a nation's vicissitudes.
In other words, a building may be said to  be a work of architectural art, then  insofar as it
serves as a visual  metaphor, declaring in its own form something about the size, permanence, strength,  protectiveness, and organizational structure of the institution it stands for. Below are some pictures of crazy space-age superstructures that signalled the downfall of the Soviet Union. They look like Hollywood sets that never quite made it onto the big screen. But these space-age buildings actually sprang up during the politically repressed era of Soviet Russia.While some wouldn't look out of place in Star Wars, their artistic flamboyance has come to symbolize the downfall of the mighty Soviet Union.

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